Adopt a dolphin: Institute "Plavi svijet"

The Institute “Plavi svijet” presents its activities during the Mediterranean Coast Day celebration.

Did you know that in Croatia it is not allowed to swim with dolphins or feed them? Also, it is forbidden to approach them from behind or get closer than fifty metres. A bilingual leaflet with rules of behaviour for watching dolphins has been published by the Institute “Plavi svijet”, association whose activists perform research on the population of the common bottlenose dolphin in the Mediterranean. It is the longest continuous scientific research that was launched in 1987 and has become a global example of good practice. Apart from the base at Lošinj, which is active all year round, there is a research centre at Vis, headed by young biologist Maša Frleta Valić. She represents the Institute in Đardin and explains a day of field work.

“We go out to the sea depending on weather conditions. When we get to the open sea we search for dolphins and when we see them we try to photograph them. Of greatest importance for us are the dorsal fins left and right, because it is by them that dolphins differ from one another” – explains Maša Frleta Valić. Asked whether those wonderful animals approach them she relies that it depends on their mood and circumstances. They swim in groups of six-seven, and everybody studying dolphins must know that special care has to be taken with the babies, and that that they must not be disturbed. The visitors of the Mediterranean Coast Day could watch a 10-minute film about those fantastic animals, and also a project of dolphin adoption was presented.

Currently, it is possible to adopt four dolphins: Duje, Elmar, Elsa and Nola. There are several packages and all those interested can get all the information about that noble action tody in Đardin starting 1t 4 p.m. and on Tuesday starting at 2 p.m. Those who don’t make it to Đardin can find all the information on the Institute’s web page:

Volunteers can join the work of the Institute “Plavi svijet” and thus get a unique opportunity: regardless of their profession and background they can become researchers and watch dolphins for a couple of days.

Posted on Sep 23, 2018