Preparatory activities for Coast Day 2018 in Split launched!

On-the-ground activities for the central regional celebration of the Mediterranean Coast Day have started. The celebration will take place in Split, Croatia, and the specific topic of this year’s campaign is PAP/RAC’s 40th birthday.

The fact that we are working in our home town this year enabled us to choose local partners for which we are sure that are contributing and are devoted to sustainable development goals in the Mediterranean. On-the-ground activities started with a visit paid to PAP/RAC by J. Kosović, professor of geography, and a group of his students from the “Vladimir Nazor” high school from Split. Following the presentation on the ICZM issues in the Mediterranean, it has been jointly decided to work on the definition of the coast we want.  The Bay of Kaštela has been selected as a study area to be visited by students. This area was one of the first Coastal Area Management Programmes (CAMPs) being implemented by PAP/RAC since 1989. Owing to this project, the waste water management system has been established covering today the area of the four cities (Trogir, Kaštela, Solin and Split). In addition, RERA, a public institution for co-ordination and development of the Split-Dalmatia County, will also be involved. Namely, PAP/RAC is a partner in the EU COEVOLVE project in the framework of which RERA is preparing the ICZM plan for Kaštela. PAP/RAC’s role in this project is to advice and support the number of ICZM plans, including this one. In this way, the students will contribute to the preparation of the plan.



PAP/RAC organised a visit of the high school “Vladimir Nazor” to the Faculty of Civil engineering, architecture and geodesy of the University of Split, where a group of students in architecture and urban planning have submitted their semestral work on the topic “Kaštela 2100”. Some 10 group projects were presented elaborating students views and perception of Kaštela in 2100. This was a great introduction for our students, since a huge work on the solid ground has already been done in the right direction. In addition, this was a testing of the methodology in the framework of another EU project - Erasmus+project "Middle European Joint Master for Urban Design" – MEMUD, of which the students could be potential users starting from the next year.

Finally, a field trip was organized to Kaštela in collaboration with the City museum of Kaštela. The exhibition of cultural landscapes of Kaštela 1960-2016, prepared a couple of years ago by Ms. S. Acalija, museum advisor, and today, hosted by the city council, was visited. Although not in its full exhibition, it shows the coast of Kaštela as it once was. We enjoyed a beautiful view of this chaotic but yet fascinating coastal area, walked along the coast and even witnessed some unprofessional nourishing of the beach that left the muddy sea behind. At the City hall, we met with the deputy mayor who informed us about the difficulties they are facing when managing the coast. Ms. Acalija introduced the whole project of the exhibition, explaining the value of the landscapes and the importance of preserving its identity through safeguarding the area’s specific geologic, ethnographic and architectural characteristics.




Posted on Jun 26, 2018