The summer is here again which means that the time has come to start preparing the Mediterranean Coast Day. This year it will be celebrated with a slight delay, on Tuesday, September 27, to avoid the weekend when most of the participants couldn’t attend. It will be co-organised by PAP/RAC and SCP/RAC in Barcelona, at the premises of Sant Pau Art Knowledge Centre.

The celebration will be organised within the project “A blue economy for a healthy Mediterranean” financed by the “MAVA Fondation pour la Nature”, located in Gland, Switzerland which will offer substantial financial support to the event. Given the objective of the project, the topic of this year’s celebration, which is different each year, will be the “Blue Economy” and its importance for reaching economic, social and environmental sustainability in the Mediterranean Region.

The morning part of the celebration will be dedicated to presentations and discussion on good examples and advantages of the Blue Economy, while the afternoon part will be more relaxed and entertaining, aimed at a wider audience. The agenda of the event will be available in due time.

Apart from this central regional celebration, we have announcements of Slovenia planning a Coast Week, and a celebration in Croatia.